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    Summer lists: exhausting leisure

    By KumarAtre
    Jul 8, '05 6:46 PM EST

    LEAVE school
    HANG OUT with gutterpunks in New Orleans
    DISCUSS Deleuze and Guattari's take on Semiotics
    RIDE a horse in a cirlce for thirty minutes
    MOVE from the LES to Union Square (gross!)
    REGISTER for Parsons SIS product design the day classes start
    SEE Contempt, by Goddard
    GET asked by roommate if Contempt is a porno
    LISTEN to Balzac (that is, Rami Sharki)
    BUY a new suit
    EAT mussels at Jubilee on 51st
    VISIT Lever House, Seagram Building, D+S Brasserie
    GET confused phone call from mother regarding Credit Card bills
    SMOKE a joint in the Dakota (72nd and Park Ave. West)
    DRIVE to Cape Cod for wedding
    DRIVE to Ithaca for GF's graduation
    INCREASE the average
    GO to Urban Center bookstore (Mason White = best young architect)
    SEE Coco Chanel show at the Met
    SEE Smithson's retrospective at the Whitney
    EAT pastries at Payard's
    RESEARCH the Situationist International
    READ Society of the Spectacle
    GET shat on by a pigeon
    ENJOY the sunset from the top of the Gansevoort
    EAT at Craftbar
    TOUCH extreme textiles at Copper-Hewitt
    PAY respects to the late Helmut Lang
    PAY half price for a pair of Helmut Lang pants
    FEEL awkward at birthday party for director of NYModels
    MEET one of four of the once AsFour designers
    BUILD a wall out of monofilament, canvas, eyehooks, and binder clips
    SEE 2046, by Wong Kar Wai
    SEE the Idiots, by Lars vonTrier
    GET a manicure (first time)
    GET free (random) horoscope reading by transexual named Simone
    SEE My Summer of Love
    SEE Kung Fu Hustle
    SEE Rize, by David LaChappelle
    SEE Batman
    SEE Sixteen Candles (first time)
    SEE 2001
    SEE Primer
    DISCUSS causality, the paradox of time travel, and bad screenplays
    VISIT Eyebeam in Chelsea
    VISIT Mary Boon
    ADMIRE Shigeru Ban's moving museum
    HEAR Umberto Ecco (Eco?) speak about his new book
    DISCOVER Cocteau Twins
    DISCOVER Dykehouse
    VISIT Center for Architecture
    TRY to define modernism and Modernism
    TRY to define Postmodernism
    DISCOVER LCD soundsystem
    DISCOVER Architecture in Helsinki
    VISIT girlfriend's brother in drug camp
    GO to AA meeting, hear cross-addicted alcoholic speak
    DISCUSS religion/sprirituality and the AA's addiction to God
    DRINK a beer
    SWIM at Lake Winola
    ASK girl at dinner table if she's pregnant
    GET yelled at by girlfriend about political correctness
    LIGHT bottle rocket in hand
    WATCH stunned as rocket flies from hand to nearby boathouse roof
    GET yelled at by random guy for general correctness
    EAT two chili-cheese hotdogs and large malt in five minutes
    GET membership at Equinox
    GET hit on by gay guys at Equinox (Greenwich Village)
    GET ass kicked by girly aerobics class (Columbus Circle)
    READ Mutations, Harvard's project on the city
    READ Agency of Mappings, by James Corner
    READ The Fold, by Deleuze
    CHILL with fancy hipsters at Jenny Holzer's book-signing at Visionaire
    GET tired of this list


    • dude, you are way too aware of what's going on for an undergrad. congrats for excluding ps1.

      Jul 9, 05 12:49 am  · 

      true Javier, so true.

      I think everyone should record their urban experiences of 72 hrs like that. Might be rather revealing.

      Jul 10, 05 1:02 pm  · 
      Carson Chan

      It's Eco.

      Jul 10, 05 5:35 pm  · 

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