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Sep '09 - May '10

  • truss

    By ryan trinidade
    May 1, '10 5:49 PM EST

    The first section of the cantilevered truss was installed yesterday. Brought out the crowds.



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  • Milstein Rising

    By ryan trinidade
    Apr 29, '10 2:44 PM EST

    The first steel sections have arrived for the OMA designed Milstein Hall. In the last few weeks we've seen (and heard) the rebar going into the ground floor before pouring the slab, back-filling the south east corner and now the recently erected steel. It's easy to forget that the steel is being... View full entry

  • When the Wall Comes Down

    By ryan trinidade
    Apr 29, '10 12:11 AM EST

    With all the investment we put into representations of space, sometimes we forget that we are also makers of space - specifically the space around us. Recently, someone had the brilliant idea to project last nights Lakers/Thunder game in studio. A projector was signed out, some old plots... View full entry

  • Structures Bloody Structures

    By ryan trinidade
    Apr 17, '10 11:45 PM EST

    Among the many traditions there are in the architecture program, there is one that tests your faith in architecture, life, the universe and everything; the Structures III final model. Every spring second year m.arch and third year b.arch students spend weeks meticulous making what is described as... View full entry

  • Cornell in Bloom

    By ryan trinidade
    Apr 8, '10 7:08 PM EST

    After a long winter, it's easy to appreciate a breezy spring morning. View full entry

  • Relapse & Residue

    By ryan trinidade
    Mar 20, '10 2:58 PM EST

    I've been neglecting this blog, until a friend inspired me to post again, so I will resume posting in some form or another as long as I can. It's spring break at Cornell now, so I'll spend some time catching up on documenting some of the stories that took place in the last couple of months as well... View full entry

  • Shigeru visits Ithaca

    By ryan trinidade
    Oct 8, '09 8:33 PM EST

    inspiring, unpretentious, succinct, witty View full entry

  • Paul needs to put more work on his wall ...

    By ryan trinidade
    Oct 8, '09 8:24 PM EST

    typical desk crit atmosphere View full entry

  • What's going on here?

    By ryan trinidade
    Sep 19, '09 2:08 PM EST

    Walking through the arts quad earlier this week I stumbled upon this. An installation/protest? It was taken down only a day or so later. View full entry

  • Sometimes you have to pause

    By ryan trinidade
    Sep 8, '09 9:30 PM EST

    You have to find your opportunities to get out of studio whenever and whenever you can. I constantly find myself frantically moving from building to building, school to home, and in between planing my next move, no time to breath. Today while (briskly) walking through the arts quad, I wondered why... View full entry

  • And here we go

    By ryan trinidade
    Sep 2, '09 9:30 PM EST

    Playing a little catch up now (isn't that how it always goes?). It took a while to settle into this blog and Ithaca. I moved stateside a little over two weeks ago, the first week was unpacking and administration errands. A lot of planning and coordination goes into the first week; equivalency... View full entry

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