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    Parsons Product Design

    By KumarAtre
    Jul 9, '05 2:36 PM EST

    Here are some snapshots of that work which will lend itself more readily to photographic representation. The diagram is simple: tension (rubber bands) on the inside, compresion (laminated wood) on the outside, the whole assembly creating a layering of membranes with various types of openings for...
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    • swisscardlite

      hey are you at cornell right now? i'm studying architecture here at cornell too for the summer. my word is 'collision'

      Jul 9, 05 5:58 pm  · 
      Lucas Reames

      I like it.

      Jul 10, 05 1:52 am  · 

      What a great object! Seems really photogenic, and looks fun, sitting at an odd angle on the desk.
      Is it tricky to replace the elastic bands? I can imagine that being a bit of an artform in itself. Hard to think of a cleaner way to attach them though.

      Jul 10, 05 8:13 am  · 

      Replacement of the bands is a lot easier than one might think... if done one at a time. A bit time consuming, but necessary - actually, the main problem is finding rubber bands of the right length/stretchiness.

      Jul 10, 05 11:07 pm  · 

      Oooh! I like it, too. I wasn't convinced, but then I saw the last photo and that sold me.

      Jul 11, 05 5:23 pm  · 

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