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    san fran montages and other plans

    By Josh Russell
    Mar 2, '05 5:18 AM EST


    on a side note...i'm going to rome this summer for 2 months. my plan for an independent study is to take 'full scale' montages of daily life, architecture, people, signs, and other curiosities.


    • xtbl

      dude, those are really cool

      Mar 2, 05 1:33 pm

      sounds like you'll learn a lot with that approach.......................

      Mar 2, 05 1:33 pm

      looks great josh. keep us updated on your progress in Rome. maybe we can feature your photographs.

      Mar 2, 05 1:56 pm

      The second picture is interesting because of the shift in focus of the table/cafe to across the street. I don't know what your aesthetic is with the montages, but I know a few Photoshop tips on montages if you want any suggestions (erasing the seams, color/contrast management, perspective, etc). I did a bunch of photos like this (less artistic) of sites for my undergraduate studios.

      Mar 4, 05 12:53 pm

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