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    twilight zone

    By Josh Russell
    Oct 29, '04 4:23 PM EST

    well when i first came down to iowa i thought it was very strange. people staring. bees the size of your pinky finger. a love of corn that is very disturbing. things just got a little bit more strange yesterday morning. leonardo di caprio and jon bon jovi campaigning in the atrium of the college of design at 9:30am on a thursday morning. no one knew about it except for a couple people. quite the turn out indeed. 99% of which are design students no doubt.




    • Reverb

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      does anyone else get a kick out of this?? I never knew Bon Jovi was on TV.

      Oct 29, 04 6:37 pm

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      Oct 29, 04 6:41 pm

      ok, i suck at this. someone help me out here.

      Oct 29, 04 6:41 pm
      Oct 29, 04 7:50 pm

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