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    12:25am: The Final Push

    By Josh Russell
    Dec 7, '04 1:26 AM EST

    about to pull my 4th all nighter in the past 5 days. it's crunch time.


    • MADianito

      yeah we can see u been having a rough time..... by the way...i dunno if u noticed but u forgot to put the name of ur school in ur entry...anyways it doesnt really matters...keep it pushin' it!!!

      Dec 7, 04 5:57 am

      rock on, listen to slayer, and keep it up.

      Dec 7, 04 6:27 am

      Its all about the 15 min powernaps. I lived off of um for 2 weeks.
      good luck

      Dec 7, 04 10:05 am
      Josh Russell

      MADianito....I'm not really having a rough time anymore. My prof has eased up a bit on pushing his ideologies on me. After he stopped doing that he has been extremely helpful .


      Dec 7, 04 7:31 pm

      Josh - i hope you don't have a weight problem ;)

      Sleep Loss May Cause Weight Gain

      Dec 7, 04 10:13 pm
      Josh Russell

      Yeah I saw that. No weight problem. At least not yet.

      Dec 7, 04 11:25 pm

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