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    on w/ the project

    By Josh Russell
    Oct 5, '04 2:13 AM EST

    so here's a quick recap of the past month and a half of studio.

    project 1: analysis of cubist painting (not much to say)
    project 2: loft (not much to say)
    project 3 (current): sioux city history museum (just starting)

    my daily schedule varies so much from day to day it's hard to fall into the rhythm of things. some days i have to be to campus by 9am to TA for 'history of western architecture: prehistoric - 1750 AD' and other days i can sleep until noon.

    my laptop died about 4 weeks ago. it was a sad day.

    i got my new computer (a desktop) last thursday. i'm still debating whether i should take it into studio or not. i work a lot more efficiently at home but i miss the studio culture. it's a toss up.

    hopefully i'll get into my groove soon. i miss my groove...

    laser modeling goodness

    x-acto used for modeling

    gotta love the flat land of iowa

    and blurry sunsets.....

    keep the ch'i flowin'.


    • Reverb

      love the photos of the a fellow "flat-lander" i can appriciate the simplicity.

      Oct 5, 04 4:28 am

      Go back to studio - even if it means taking your computer with you (security issue?). The studio is a large part of the experience...especially when you can bounce ideas off friends, share ideas, and talk it through! Don't miss out on that because your system is wired to your house/apt.

      Oct 7, 04 11:59 pm

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