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  • Airport

    By magic_pie
    Oct 27, '06 3:25 PM EST

    A rhetorical response?image

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  • Vernacularism, Modernism, and Stuff

    By Josh Russell
    Oct 18, '05 1:58 AM EST

    negotiation negotiating between the two extremes of architecture, the vernacular and modernism, is serving as the basis of my work this, my final, semester. so far, this theme is being applied to a research paper for one class and to my independent studio project. somehow i imagine it creeping... View full entry

  • European Travel Photos - Summer 2005

    By Josh Russell
    Aug 21, '05 7:08 PM EST

    this past summer i spent the month of may traveling around europe and the months of june and july in rome for school. View full entry

  • Europe

    By Josh Russell
    Jul 3, '05 6:25 PM EST

    I did some traveling in May after the semester ended. Britain, France, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, and Italy. I'm in Rome right now taking classes. I'll start up again when Fall classes start on August 22nd. View full entry

  • 20 days

    By Josh Russell
    Apr 23, '05 2:02 AM EST

    there are 20 days until i leave the country for the summer. may 13th - june 1st i am traveling around europe by rail. june 1st to july 31st i will be in rome. that's all i can think about with less than a week until my final review. i'm not too pleased with my work this semester. i spent too much... View full entry

  • san fran montages and other plans

    By Josh Russell
    Mar 2, '05 5:18 AM EST

    on a side note...i'm going to rome this summer for 2 months. my plan for an independent study is to take 'full scale' montages of daily life, architecture, people, signs, and other curiosities. View full entry

  • lots of files

    By Josh Russell
    Mar 2, '05 5:11 AM EST

    so it's 4:07 am. the morning of a midterm review for the gliderport. i spend more time searching for a file than i spend actually working on it. ok ok that's not true but sometimes i feel like it is. sometimes my file management is impeccable and other times (stressful times) it just goes down the... View full entry

  • Back from San Francisco...

    By Josh Russell
    Jan 29, '05 4:51 PM EST

    well we got back from san francisco this past monday. good times. basically we had a whole bunch of free time except for friday when we went to the site with the architectural engineering students from caly poly. friday evening and saturday morning we had a little site analysis charette at ARUPs... View full entry

  • Ames, Iowa Gliderport Visit

    By Josh Russell
    Jan 15, '05 6:38 PM EST

    On Friday we took a trip out to the local soaring club at the regional airport. It just gave the studio a chance to see what soaring was all about and to ask questions. It was quite cold to say the least. 0° + windchill. At the end of the semester we get to soar. Sounds... View full entry

  • Spring 2005 Studio Project

    By Josh Russell
    Jan 15, '05 6:34 PM EST

    Gliderport Brisbane, California "This studio will examine the relationship between architecture and its defining technological issues - assembly, structure, and environmental performance. Rather than seeing building technology as consumptive, we will adopt the more enlightened paradigm of using... View full entry

  • Spring 2005 Schedule

    By Josh Russell
    Jan 15, '05 6:21 PM EST

    ----------- Arch602: Advanced Architectural Design II / Comprehensive Studio Arch588: Architectural Research in Practice Arch590: Independent Study (Exhibit for Chipperfield's Figge Museum) Arch590: Independent Study (Structures / Building Systems) ----------- Auditing: Arch528: Rapid Prototyping... View full entry

  • First Day Back

    By Josh Russell
    Jan 10, '05 10:39 AM EST

    Well today is the first day of the new semester. I came back to Ames a week ago because my hometown was incredibly boring. Not like the middle of Iowa isn't... I promise I will post what my new classes are all about along with juror comments about last semester's final project as soon as I find my... View full entry

  • 20/20

    By Josh Russell
    Dec 10, '04 8:01 AM EST

    I woke up at 4:30am not because I had work to do but I couldn't sleep. Anxiety, anticipation, excitement are all in the air. I wish I had another 30 days to work on the project. I'll post pictures and juror comments tomorrow sometime. View full entry

  • 12:25am: The Final Push

    By Josh Russell
    Dec 7, '04 1:26 AM EST

    about to pull my 4th all nighter in the past 5 days. it's crunch time. View full entry

  • project progress and a bubble

    By Josh Russell
    Dec 4, '04 4:45 PM EST

    the museum project is going ok. i would like to think that's a decent project but i'm realizing that i could have done a few things to make it a lot stronger. hindsight is always 20/20. with 6 days left to go those changes are possible. perhaps over x-mas break. week old ground floor plan of the... View full entry

  • decay

    By Josh Russell
    Nov 15, '04 12:19 AM EST

    i went to sioux city, iowa on friday to visit our site for the sioux city history museum. it wasn't all that interesting and was fairly straightforward. what was interesting however was the physical evidence of the decay of the city. View full entry

  • mmmm...creative juices...

    By Josh Russell
    Nov 7, '04 11:32 PM EST

    just listening to music and slaving away in 3ds and AutoCAD. after a rough week, i finally had some creative juices flowing tonight. still working on the sioux city history museum project. one of my independent studies (structures) ended last week so that's pretty cool. other than that...not much... View full entry

  • twilight zone

    By Josh Russell
    Oct 29, '04 4:23 PM EST

    well when i first came down to iowa i thought it was very strange. people staring. bees the size of your pinky finger. a love of corn that is very disturbing. things just got a little bit more strange yesterday morning. leonardo di caprio and jon bon jovi campaigning in the atrium of the college... View full entry

  • marlon blackwell

    By Josh Russell
    Oct 15, '04 2:16 AM EST

    well james carpenter had to postpone his lecture until next spring. good news. marlon blackwell showed up. i can sum up the lecture in one word. amazing. i've never been to a more interesting and thought provoking lecture in my life. and it couldn't have came at a better time. he got me excited... View full entry

  • lecture series

    By Josh Russell
    Oct 13, '04 9:33 AM EST

    09.10 David Orr (Oberlin College) 09.12 Rob Rogers (Rogers Marvel Architects) 10.06 Christine Binswanger (Herzog + De Meuron) 10.13 James Carpenter (James Carpenter Design Associates) 10.20 Greg Pasquarelli (SHoP Architects) 10.27 Steven Holl (Steven Holl Architects) 11.10 Scott Murphy (Art... View full entry

  • sioux city, iowa

    By Josh Russell
    Oct 13, '04 9:20 AM EST

    The Sioux City History Museum is the next project on the agenda. Along the way we are having small projects to supposedly complement the museum project. The first of which is to pick an object from the museum and design a sterioscopic postcard of the object. Seems a bit childish but when picking... View full entry

  • on w/ the project

    By Josh Russell
    Oct 5, '04 2:13 AM EST

    so here's a quick recap of the past month and a half of studio. project 1: analysis of cubist painting (not much to say) project 2: loft (not much to say) project 3 (current): sioux city history museum (just starting) my daily schedule varies so much from day to day it's hard to fall into the... View full entry

  • brrrrr....

    By Josh Russell
    Oct 5, '04 2:02 AM EST

    it has gotten bitterly cold (40°F) in the past week. it was 80°F last week. what the hell happened? View full entry

  • The Beginnings....

    By Josh Russell
    Sep 1, '04 12:22 PM EST

    Well class has been going on for a little over a week. Schedule ----------- Arch 601 (Studio) - Advanced Architectural Design Arch 528 (Seminar) - Urbanism: A Multidisciplinary Discourse of the Production of Space Arch 541 (Seminar) - Building Systems and Techniques Arch 590 (Independent Study)... View full entry

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