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    project progress and a bubble

    By Josh Russell
    Dec 4, '04 4:45 PM EST

    the museum project is going ok. i would like to think that's a decent project but i'm realizing that i could have done a few things to make it a lot stronger. hindsight is always 20/20. with 6 days left to go those changes are possible. perhaps over x-mas break.

    week old ground floor plan of the history museum

    we built a bubble a couple days ago.


    • greygoosedesign

      Did Mikesch have anything to do with that bubble? I'm ISU arch alum, now transplanted in Seattle. I like your Decay series, I've been working on one of my own. It take pictures of people's faces when they start working in my firm and watch it go downhill from there. Kind of like a President before taking office and then after. Although, with proper lighting and B&W film one can come of looking distinguished. Not to mention if kickass eyewear is present...

      Dec 7, 04 1:49 pm
      Josh Russell

      Mikesch drew a poodle on the outside with a black sharpie but other than that he had nothing to do with it. It was for Sci/Tech IV with Tom Leslie and Jason Alread.

      Dec 7, 04 5:21 pm

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