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    The Beginnings....

    By Josh Russell
    Sep 1, '04 12:22 PM EST

    Well class has been going on for a little over a week.

    Arch 601 (Studio) - Advanced Architectural Design
    Arch 528 (Seminar) - Urbanism: A Multidisciplinary Discourse of the Production of Space
    Arch 541 (Seminar) - Building Systems and Techniques
    Arch 590 (Independent Study) - Editor of the "Graduate Student Journal of Architecture" (yet to be named)

    The faculty here are great. Very knowledgable, open, and witty.
    The students (like most other schools) are a mixed bag.
    Three of us have banded together and are pushing each other and collaborating on many ideas since we aren't finding it in other studiomates.

    Today we have a studio review on a project we've been slaving away at since last Monday.

    Project Description
    "We will examine the concept of layered space, and the formal properties of such layering as evidenced in visual irony and visual play. As some of us may know, figural space is explicitly articulated and circumscribed by specific contour. Layered space reversesthis understanding; it is ambiguously modeled, inflected by fragments of enclosure elements, and by object with distinct mas and contour....."

    Unfortunatly I received the most theoretical professor I have ever had so no one really understands the project and we all did something different. He has been in here outside of studio tiime on many occasions having many desk crits. He's so theory based that it's not much help. He is improving though so we'll see.

    I'll post some pictures later of the studio spaces and the building .

    Keep the Ch'i Flowin',

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