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Sep '04 - Nov '04

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    Delft Fraternities

    By Gabriel Duarte
    Oct 19, '04 5:45 PM EST

    Similar to the American fraternities system, their Delft counterparts have a couple of differences. Membership is restricted but access to their services is open to everyone, not necessarily students.
    Fraternities are basically divided between Protestant and Catholic.
    The biggest ones offer 3-Euro dinner meals in weekdays.
    It's f... good and worth the price!
    When I'm on a hurry and cannot go home to cook, I eat at the one pictured below, the Kornbeurs. It's the 'alternative' fraternity, whose members have long hair and still wear flannel shirts, but they do have the best buffet!!!
    It's amazing the number of locals to also eat there.
    Next to their building, an old butchery, is a seafood shop (on the left) older than Brazil. It's quite weird to think that this family has been in this businness for over a century before the Portuguese set foot on Brazilian soil.




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