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Sep '04 - Nov '04

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    2nd year...weird weather

    By Gabriel Duarte
    Sep 6, '04 5:32 AM EST

    I think it´s needless to introduce myself again as you just need to click on my name and see my Archinect profile (which is quite complete, I think). Well, throughout this "scool blog" project I´ll try to keep my blog as updated as possible with both academic and, let´s say, "regular" issues. I´ll try not to fill it up only with info regarding the MSc programmes here in Delft, but also with facts from everyday student life. After all, at least 10% of our graduate life here is not spent in the studio/library/computer lab. We do try to chill out´s the Netherlands and, by law, we have the right for some time only for ourselves.
    Today, first day of my second year here in Delft, and things are just like the usual here in the Netherlands - weird. It´s an extremely odd and hot day. No cyclones, blue sky...
    In the afternoon, we,2nd-year students will have preliminary meetings with our tutors and heads of the graduation research labs. When we reach 2nd year here we have to pick a graduation lab to develop our final thesis, and will have the whole course framework of the following semesters devoted to specific choices or needs. I´ll post again later to tell a bit more about graduate studies here and how was our first meeting.

    *the picture was taken in our studio last year - pretty nice and well equiped with enough computers for everyone - no need to take our own comp. everyday to school.


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