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Sep '04 - Nov '04

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    UFO's in Rotterdam!

    By Gabriel Duarte
    Oct 11, '04 1:46 PM EST

    Well well...after a 'sick' week I'm able to post again. The temperature in NL droped more than 5 degrees in only two days, meaning that a huge part of the population got sick in any possible way. Of course, I was included in this collective flu.
    Differently from most of my 'school-blog-mates' we're not exactly concentrated on design right now. Reading, writing, and analyzing are our main activities. By the way, piles of readings to be done.
    Last Friday we had another of those 'Urban Design Theory' off-campus lecture. This time we were in Rotterdam's WTC, one of the tallest buildings in town.
    The lecture hall was on one of the top floors and we could get a great view from the city, what made going to this lecture worth enough.
    An Asian friend, who always carries a camera (God bless her, a sort of 'secondary' author of this weblog) let me took some pictures with her camera. You can check them below...

    1) UFO's invading R'dam, and the Blaak train/subway station and Kop van Zuid in the background. For those familiar with the city, the Berlagge Institute is just around the corner from the white 'beaubourgish' public library next to the subway entrance.


    2) Beursplein (underground shopping center) and de Bijenkorf (Marcel Breur design).


    3) R'dam's typical skyline...


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