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Sep '04 - Nov '04

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    Architecture Building Features 3 >>> PRESENTATIONS + ACADEMIC WELFARE

    By Gabriel Duarte
    Sep 21, '04 5:40 PM EST

    Well...first, I´m sorry for not posting for a long time. Busy busy week...
    Continuing the 'Building Features...' series, here are some pics from a studio presentation.
    Last semester we had a quite large assignment involving both planning and design scales. For that, teams of up to 3 students could be formed.
    We were a group of 2 Spanish and 1 Brazilian (me).
    Studio crits here in NL are not that different from other places. Except for the fact here they are more aware of our stressful living conditions and try to 'smoothen' the schedule when it gets closer to presentations dates. It means less lectures and other stuff a week before presentations.
    Maybe it´s only due to the fact that universities must build up their scheduled under certain legal constraints.
    Just like normal workers, students in NL have a limit of hours per week of compulsory work. This limit is calculated by adding the amount of time spent at the university and an estimation of how much time the student will spend 'home-working'.
    It´s a good sample the good old ´polder model´of welfare state...and I really havve nothing against it.



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