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Sep '04 - Nov '04

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    Nothing much for the first week. Just setting things up...

    By Gabriel Duarte
    Sep 6, '04 10:29 AM EST

    Well well, first day of classes and we just had 2-hour meeting with the coordinator of the 2nd-year graduation labs when he explained how things will go on from now on.
    We just have a couple of lectures and other meetings this week...burning hell starts next week.
    We've also had good news about really good visiting teachers this semester: Margareth Crawford (GSD), Cristine Boyer (Princeton), Sola-Morales (BCN), Zaera-Polo (London) and some others...
    I´ll post again (tomorrow) with detalied information on the graduate urban design programme in Delft to contextualize everything I say here.
    In the meantime...below are pictures of 1st-day frenzy for undergraduate and graduate freshmen...Delft rule-"If you don´t know where to go, hang around the entrance hall and go with the flow".




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    • MADianito

      I think that's a rule in general in the least thats what i did when i was there...and i had such a good time....hehehe

      Sep 6, 04 7:09 pm  · 

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