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    Housecleaning For Architecture

    Orhan Ayyüce
    Jul 4, '20 9:20 PM EST

    Dear architects,

    it is clear, purely form making centered architecture is over now. It was fun for a while to get everyone out of their coffin and there are truly talented memorabilia left behind. It should be over long time ago but it was rescued by corporate identity makers who brought in architects to design icons. And they did, they are talented, sort of.

    Dear architects, it is over, the stuff made it to architecture school juke boxes, it played over and over. While not questioning why and for whom it was made and with what, students enjoyed the spin. Their instructors too. In school you are innocent, kind of, but who knew the practice was infected? 

    Now, create a new series of conditions a building must qualify to be architecture. Let the humanism in for the humanity of it. Let go the selfish sculpting of buildings. Start from humanity. Kill your heroes in schools and in magazines. Kill quasi theories written by the privileged and for the chosen. They don’t deserve you. You deserve more.

    Fuck context, fuck history, fuck everything. It’s also fuck form, now. What are you going to do when they are not looking for you? Aren’t you racing now to say BLM? Minorities matter. Poor people matter. What did you do for them? Who did you teach in your ivy league schools? What were your books about? Eccentric passages to each other? How come you all know each other but nobody else? Your puffy language clubs? Personality based reigns? It’s over. To the black hole. 

    Go back to things that matter. Now.

    Urgency of architecture facilitating affordable, smart, human based shelters in the cities overwhelming. Money is tight, political will is divided. Where is your political will? Do you even know what that is? 

    Technology. Use it. Architecture of technology for the people. Yeah.

    Your beautiful, analytical, rendered, philosophical high art, 3d printed buildings are only as good as your vanity. Not for the people you’ve ignored in the places of poverty, drown in need. You didn’t give them anything, you gave yourself everything, derivative or not. Now what? Will you do boring? Will you produce things not worthy of your time? Will you come down and work with the mundane? Will you go to an ugly? Will you stop saying architecture each time you get a check from your rich clients? Each time you want to describe the future of creativity? Your misused technology? Stop it. Form follows function, form precedes function, form this, form that. Form of foam.

    Change is coming.

    Signed, the Mop


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      Can't wait!

      Jul 5, 20 8:28 am  · 

      Kill your heroes in schools and in magazines. Kill quasi theories written by the privileged and for the chosen.

      love this. have been going through this process over the past several years which began before that during grad school; it's good to be free!

      Jul 20, 20 5:26 pm  · 
      4  · 

      once you kill the hero/s  off     ---    don't look back. 

      Aug 15, 23 3:23 pm  · 

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