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    URBAN ARCHEOLOGY huh? wow!

    Orhan Ayyüce
    May 26, '19 8:06 PM EST

    “Urban archaeology" is both archaeology “in the city” and “of the city.” Archaeology in the city studies a wide range of prehistoric, eigteenth- and nineteenth-century and, (twentyfirst century, added by the blogger) sites which, because of their urban environment, are partially disturbed by more recent building or are buried by the dynamic process of building and rebuilding, depositing fills and redepositing fills which characterize the city. Archaeology of the city studies the process of urban growth and the ethnic or social histories of individuals and families who lived and died in the city. Urban Archaeology requires the experience and expertise to recognize the importance, or lack of importance, of urban features when they are exposed.”

    It’s not uncommon to demolish some buildings due to whatever and discover a desirable view of the building behind it. Something was not possible to see before now in its full beauty. Huh?

    Three level parking structure was demolished making this view of the concert hall possible from Olive Street below. Wow! 

    But, only temporarily. From now on, this surprising and beautiful cameo appearance of the concert hall will be blocked by a new mixed use development with shops, restaurants, and luxury condominiums designed by the same architect. I consider myself lucky to see this elevation on Bunker Hill. It is a good example of “now you see it now you don’t” condition of LA’s urban design. I vaguely relate this to its spread form of the two story city. As the buildings on its grid/s being demolished to make new plots of land for the profitable and vertically configured urban development for the continuously intensifying population, the new pages in the city's archaeology are also buried and uncovered in the same time.

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