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    Nature Everywhere Part II

    Orhan Ayyüce
    Dec 23, '14 1:53 AM EST

    If you are questioning what is so personal about these images and what a poor way to observe the nature, read on (some images are from Mars.)

    Since my birth, living mostly and if not all in urban centers I became accustomed to detect and appreciate their nature. Sure, there are exceptionally idyllic places everywhere but I am happier when I can read the ordinary. 

    When detected, as if they are the architecture of everything, they unfold in surprising ways, the city becomes the image and one can start to notice nature everywhere. 








    • There is a system approach in place. These are some of the world's smallest urban parks about 100 yards apart from each other.

      Dec 28, 14 10:46 pm  · 

      Ar historians from , lets say Wolflin, would say that one can 'read' a culture by a painters brushstroke. Mies said God is in the details, which for him meant, or for my reading of what he meant, that between a bench design or a skyscraper or a city the pattern is the same, and one could read the potentioal city in his details. All this 'extensional' thinking is , of course ,from Hegel lectures on history and from his  Asthetics. And the spaces the objects everywhere reflect the time, the 'giest (is this correct) of now.

      There are no of few people in these photos. The staging is empty, alone and a bit anxious. In a word alienation. Is this the 'giest' of now I ask you? anothern question; Are these photos your take on the ' giest'  , that is a more personal than just the  social reflections one recognizes if one does, or have you sublimated ypur personal and are now an avatar.

      Just (a)musing. eric

      Dec 28, 14 11:14 pm  · 

      oscillating between simulacra and simulation. 

      Dec 29, 14 9:08 pm  · 

      ​good planting strategy, it really natures on you when no cars, this one is truly framed. most would try to screen off the apartment in the back. there are few conditions like this where i live.

      Jan 1, 15 5:42 pm  · 

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