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    Orhan Ayyüce
    Feb 28, '15 4:23 AM EST

    We are now entering MAX, it stands for Maximum Analog XIR. Whatever it is to you, it means the whole world to the occupant. In it, all conceptions of minimalist bourgeoisie stop. The longer you are superconscious, as a clean liner, and primping yourself, XIR aka MAX the maximum analog, is adding more. And what's wrong with that you selfish mirror breaking housekeeper dependent piece of purex?


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      Mar 2, 15 3:55 pm  · 

      MAX was here too with some nature.

      Mar 7, 15 12:14 am  · 

      Because of the harsh reactions I received in private and public gatherings on my perceived attack on minimalist interiors, I decided to also declare my love for appropriate minimalism in workspaces where an uncluttered worker confidently solves your service problems like a minimalist architect would.


      Shopping mall law office

      Pamper style

      Liberty tax (contemporary design category)

      Auto leasing and sales (contemporary design category)

      Travel office (contemporary design category)

      Leasing office (ultra contemporary design category with open stairs and mezzanine)

      Handcrafted decorative goods (functional style w/ shelves)



      Rolodex style 

      Gala Signs

      my temporary office last summer


      See you soon, when Archinect sends me this again;

      Hey Orhan Ayyüce! 
      We noticed you haven't updated your blog "Sleepless in Shenzhen" in a while. 

      Do you have something new to say? 

      Mar 30, 15 5:14 pm  · 

      "pamper style" isn't so bad. Nicer than where i get my feet done.

      Apr 1, 15 2:05 am  · 

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