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    Nature Everywhere

    Orhan Ayyüce
    Oct 22, '14 6:15 PM EST

    My doctor told me I should walk more often since I am not a sports person other than occasionally betting on European soccer games. He told me to walk exercise as much as possible and enjoy the nature. I was pleasantly surprised when I start to walk every day and be with the nature that surround us everywhere. You can't miss it. 

    Nature Everywhere part II





    • curtkram

      i'll add to nature photos:

      Oct 22, 14 7:06 pm  · 

      hi orhan - you might be interested in checking out Lefebvre's "toward an architecture of enjoyment." Just came out in the past week - read it and then revisit the production of space (assuming you're familiar).  interesting concept of "nature."

      Oct 22, 14 8:45 pm  · 

      I walk every day.  As a Midwest transplant I have finally come to love the landscape here - it is so subtle compared to the Big Glorious Wide Wild West landscapes with which I grew up (in Arizona).

      I'm fortunate to live a block from the White River, which changes drastically depending on rainfall and the seasons, so the nature I enjoy is in a constant but subtle state of change.  Just now as the leaves are falling the dense underbrush (mostly honeysuckle) is opening up vistas that have been closed since mid-June. Of course the autumn colors are still, to me, miraculous. Come winter the snow is still, to me, miraculous.  Then bright green spring bursts forth and is miraculous.

      Growing up in Arizona had many charms, but at this point in my life I'd be hard-pressed to live anywhere that didn't have seasons.

      Oct 24, 14 8:21 am  · 

      Donna, that's interesting...its the reverse of my experience...I grew up in a kid I was always finding small pockets of nature to play in...a space behind some bushes, a sump, etc...then I moved out to Arizona as a young adult....Both are beautiful in different ways, but the western landscapes really have a deep effect on the mind...I do miss the seasons, but northern AZ has snow and some of the riparian areas have deciduous trees with the fall colors and all......

      Oct 24, 14 12:52 pm  · 

      human nature

      Oct 30, 14 10:49 pm  · 

      Hollywood Russia

      Nov 1, 14 4:04 pm  · 


      Nov 15, 14 4:41 am  · 


      Nov 15, 14 4:49 am  · 

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