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    Rancho Mixer

    Orhan Ayyüce
    Mar 15, '17 3:04 PM EST

    Another competition I have lost knowingly and plus 80 bucks, also knowingly.


    Well, the competition presented itself as the last chance to build a house in Hollywood Hills just below the beloved and heavily known real estate sign later cropped to today’s iconic status. In LA, the view of the Hollywood sign from your land surely adds some considerable cash value to the dream’s worth.

    Obnoxiously exciting as it is, the competition gave me an idea to poke the hyper property market with some free falling commentary veiled in an actual design.

    The proposal is a rotating ranch house where the pornoreal lives are openly hosted around the clock, a low budget version of high end, top of the hill lifestyle choice. A house constantly causing hyperventilation for the nearby stakeholders.

    The final ranch in the foothills unleashes the possibilities of indoor-outdoor living with market rate accommodations.

    Design Team: Orhan Ayyüce, Jose Torres

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      "It's good. the rotating screen is like an old kinescope projector, reeling off stag film. Its architectural prototypes are the 18th century panoramas but now turned inwards and inverted, a projected domestic sex themed melodrama and a real-time reality show. Hooray for Hollywood." -Eric Chavkin 


      "Grand Prize Winner! - Not the competition jury." -Ralph Mursinna 



      Mar 16, 17 9:29 pm  · 

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