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Nekajui, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve

Nestled within one of the Peninsula’s most prized coastal locations, Nekajui puts guests in touch with nature’s wide-open spaces and offers opportunities to stray from the path and stumble upon hidden gems, from a pedestrian hanging rope bridge over a tropical ravine to a secret grotto pool tucked among the jungle and winding forest trails. Beyond the awe-inspiring landscape, the Peninsula is a magnet for adventure-seeking travelers. An iconic funicular provides an immersive, gravity-defying experience unique to Ritz-Carlton Reserve. Whisking 200 feet up and down the coastal hillsides, guests enjoy bird’s-eye views between the village and beach club, allowing nature’s invigorating sights to awaken and restore their spirits.

BAMO’s design of this eco-luxury resort draws on historical, physical and social insights of the region. The spirit of the Sabenero culture and vibrancy of the Fiesta days shines through colorful accents and handmade accessories, while the national Guanacaste tree and traditions of artistic weaving inform physical forms, filtered light, carved furnishings, and woven textures. The experience of the resort will foster stewardship culture and environment, and a feeling of “wholeness” and connection.

Through partnership with Luxury Frontiers, luxury tents are integrated with incredible views of the ocean into the resort. Coupled with an incredible adventure travel experience, tent guests will have access to the spa’s indulgent spa rituals and treatments inspired by the local culture, and Ritz-Carlton resort amenities.

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Status: Built
Location: Papagayo, Costa Rica
Firm Role: Interior Designer
Additional Credits: Design Architect: SB Architects
Specialty Consultant: Luxury Frontiers
Local Architect: Gensler