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Female, Asian/Pacific Islander, LGBTQIA+ owned

San Francisco, CA | Providence, RI


Atherton Residence

Designed for a young family, this dramatic transformation turned a traditional English style home into a contemporary and elegant compound that embraces natural light while seamlessly connecting the interior to the outdoor gardens. The new design completely reimagines the original structure by opening rooms to each other and the adjoining landscape. Interior proportions were refined, and design details simplified, all while responding to the expansive light and air of newly created and enlarged doorways and windows. With an eye towards refined elegance, exterior ornamentation and detailing were scaled back, while a fresh and contemporary palette features subtle textures that interplay and engage with reflected light.

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Status: Built
Location: Atherton, CA, US
Firm Role: Interior Designer
Additional Credits: Feldman Architecture
Ground Studio Landscape Architecture
Anna Kondolf Lighting Design