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Four Seasons Madrid

Elegant, classical, and contemporary describe the hotel as a whole. Three signature spaces, the lobby, the Royal Suite and the Function level all rely heavily on the reuse of historical elements, whether patterned stone floors, ornately carved stone portal elements, rich wood shutters, carved doors, 19th century brass Cremona fittings. The luxury suites are all individually designed and each one has the feel of grand Madrid apartment, with a strong residential feel that mixed contemporary and historical elements.

Colors are sophisticated and very tightly coordinated. We practiced a restrained use of color for the interior palette, so as not to distract or compete with the rich visual experience looking outward. The complex palette reflects a color sensibility unique to Spain, pulled from the muted tones of the dry landscape (we found that the earth tones in Spain are quite different from other parts of the world), the natural pigments of Goya paintings, and the saturated olive greens, saffrons, and golds observed in Spanish high fashion.

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Status: Built
Location: Madrid, ES
Firm Role: Interior Designer
Additional Credits: Architect: Estudio Lamela
Local Architect: BG Arquitectura
Lighting Designer: Bouyea & Associates
Art Consultant: Paloma Fernández-Iriondo Art Projects and Consulting
Purchasing Agent: Proffetional
Photographer: Ricardo Labougle & Hospitality Builders