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Anthony Morey

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Anthony Morey is a Los Angeles-based designer, writer, theorist and curator. Currently he is the Assistant Director & Curator at a+d museum along with being a discussion moderator at Harvard University Graduate School of Design, an editor at Archinect and Design Studio Faculty at USC in Los Angeles. His work and research is invested in the tensions between text, psychology and image and their relationship to architecture and art.

Anthony is a co-founder and chief curator of a one-night stand for art & architecture (ons-la), an ongoing curation experiment in cultural representation along with it’s journal, Morning After. He is also a co-founder and editor in chief, of masks the journal, a publication founded while at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design that particularly focuses on the rifts between the subconscious and conscious tensions in the creative arts and the various tangencies within them. Anthony obtained his undergraduate degree in architecture from the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) with distinction, and his masters with commendation in History and Philosophy of Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

Anthony's Featured Articles on Archinect

SoapBox: Discourse?, Mon, Nov 20 '17

Soapbox is a weekly series delivering a curated set of lectures, talks and symposia concerning contemporary themes but explored through the archives of lectures past and present. With the plethora of lectures, talks, symposia and panels occurring world wide on a daily basis, how can we begin ...

SoapBox: Discourse?

Cross-Talk #2: Pedagogy — Introduction, Mon, Jul 24 '17

pedagogy  |ˈpedəˌɡäjē|  noun (plural pedagogies) the method and practice of teaching, especially as an academic subject or theoretical concept: the relationship between applied linguistics and ...

Cross-Talk #2: Pedagogy — Introduction

Introducing Archinect's New Critical Debate Forum 'Cross-Talk', Mon, May 22 '17

The last four-plus decades have seen formidable developments in the discipline of architectural history and theory. This prolific production was disseminated publicly primarily through text-based mediums such as Oppositions, Log and Assemblage—among countless others. But now, the emergence ...

Introducing Archinect's New Critical Debate Forum 'Cross-Talk'

Oyler Wu Collaborative in ink, graphite and steel, Mon, Feb 9 '15

Painters paint, sculptors sculpt, and writers write, yet architects do not architect – they draw, model, and write. Architecture is one of the few creative fields that does not allow the artist to work in the medium where the final work will be produced. Yet Oyler Wu Collaborative makes ...

Oyler Wu Collaborative in ink, graphite and steel

Did You See It? Wait, Now It's Gone: Casey Reas' Generative Art at ACADIA 2014, Mon, Nov 3 '14

ACADIA 2014 was labeled as a conference focused on Architectural Design Agency and Authorship, yet of course it seemed only fitting that it would close out with a keynote by Casey Reas. Art, the word that an architect cringes at. A word that can resonate more as a critique than a compliment. One ...

Did You See It? Wait, Now It's Gone: Casey Reas' Generative Art at ACADIA 2014


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