Matthias Kisch

Matthias Kisch

Copenhagen, DK


South Beauty Taipei - 2012

The project revolved around the concept of presenting Chinese Sichuan cuisine in Taiwan. As par t of the story the kitchen was laid out so that it was visible from the main room of the restaurant. 

The part I was mainly involved with, was the realization of the ceiling artwork. The ceiling artwork is an interpretation of traditional Chinese silk paintings

The artwork concept was created as an A4 sketch by the Danish illustrator Kristine Mandsberg, for the initial concept presentation - and it was my role to execute the initial A4 sketch into a 800m2 1:1 ceiling artwork.

My role included finding artists for painting watercolor elements, painting some of the water color elements, and putting everything together in Photoshop so that the artwork could be printed in Taipei and put up onto the ceiling.

As wel l as the ceiling, custom carpets with elements from the main artwork was designed by me and created by Ege Carpets.

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Status: Built
Location: Taipei, TW
My Role: Taking the idea of the ceiling artwork from A4 sketch to 1:1 reality
Additional Credits: Johannes Torpe
Senior Designer: Helle Maach
Concept designer: Kristine Mandsberg, Sofie Brünner