Matthias Kisch

Matthias Kisch

Copenhagen, DK


Bang & Olufsen Roll Out - 2013 to 2014

Based on the concept from the Bang & Olufsen flagship stores in Denmark and Shanghai, the store concept needed to be rolled out in stores across China but for a fraction of the budget that was given to develop the flagship stores.

The concept was redeveloped to give the same overall look and feel but instead of fitting everything to an exact location. Standard elements were developed to be able to roll out the concept to very different locations.

Additional furniture and cost-cutting on the existing furniture and details were also implemented.


Locations include:

Hangzhou, China, New Town Plaza, Hong Kong, Wuxi, China,  Xian, China, Nanjing, China, Jinan, China, Chengu China

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Status: Built
Location: China, CN
My Role: Construction drawings, 3D models and renderings for Landlord Approvals, Revising concept from Flagships stores to regular stores
Additional Credits: Johannes Torpe, CEO Johannes Torpe Studios / Creative Director Bang & Olufsen
Helle Maach, Senior Designer