Matthias Kisch

Matthias Kisch

Copenhagen, DK


Lauras Bakery - 2011

Laura’s Bakery is a gourmet food quality concept that combines a modern interpretation of a Danish bakery with a traditional French boulangerie.
Johannes Torpe Studios created an honest and raw aesthetic through the juxtaposition of modest and rugged materials; solid wood, concrete and subway tiles. These bare materials provide a foundation that places focus on the natural ingredients of the bread, sandwiches, pastries and juices. 

The visual identity of Laura’s Bakery was completely conceptualized from start to finish; including interior design, graphics and packaging. All design elements contribute to the creation of a branded space and merge together to create one holistic eating experience.

Located in one of Copenhagen’s most popular attractions- the indoor market ‘Torvehallerne,’ Lauras is beautifully exposed to the public eye and is surrounded by many other high-quality stores which share the same desire to provide gourmet shopping experiences for the consumer.

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Status: Built
Location: Copenhagen, DK
My Role: Concept development, 3D model, Construction Documentation
Additional Credits: Johannes Torpe, CEO, Johannes Torpe Studios
Mikkel Bøgh, Architect & Project Manager, Johannes Torpe Studios