Matthias Kisch

Matthias Kisch

Copenhagen, DK


Palæo - 2014

The project for Palaeo, a Health food concept based on "stone age food" is based on two main ideas - a revision of their current workflow and to enhance the mood of their shops and to give them more of a café feel.

The boxes each contain a primary function related to their workflow.

The central and larges box contains the cash desk as well as a selection of the self-serve products. The two other boxes contain the juice station and the kitchen/hotplate station. The two flanking boxes are each contained within glass walls to ensure hygiene as well as a focus on the task at hand for the employees.


The materials used are oak wood, leather/wool cushions, concrete, glass, and black steel. The materials were selected to ensure that the materials that the customers are in contact with will be haptic and tactile while the materials in connection with the food was chosen to be easy to clean and maintain.

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Status: Built
Location: Copenhagen, DK
My Role: 3D model, Rendering, Concept, Construction drawing
Additional Credits: Johannes Torpe, CEO Johannes Torpe Studios
Bjarke Vind: Senior Designer / Concept responsible
Suguru Kobayashi: Architect / respsonsible for subsequent roll-outs