Matthias Kisch

Matthias Kisch

Copenhagen, DK


Bang & Olufsen, Herning - 2014

The Bang & Olufsen Herning store is a private franchise store.
The client had bought the rights to build on a central site in the town of Herning on the main square flanked by the church and the city hall .

As a growing opposition in Herning was mounted, the client wanted Johannes Torpe, as Creative Director of Bang & Olufsen to be part of the project to ensure goodwill and positive PR in the local community.

The original project was drawn by local architect company Arkitec and partner Lars Sternberg. 

We took the original footprint of the building and rounded the corners of the front and entrance to make the building slightly softer and more inviting. The most significant change was the facade material and window openings.

The design changed from traditional red bricks to perforated brass sheets. With an intended LED lighting scheme underneath that would light up the building softlly in the dark.

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Status: Built
Location: Herning, DK
My Role: Concept, 3D model, Rendering
Additional Credits: Johannes Torpe, CEO, Johannes Torpe Studios and Creative Director, Bang & Olufsen
Lars Sternberg, Architect, Arkitec