Matthias Kisch

Matthias Kisch

Copenhagen, DK


Skyword Showroom - 2011

The project was to create a complete and cohesive experience showroom for a Chinese Onyx stone seller. 

The client sells whole stone slabs for construction as well as smaller stone products such as vases, furniture, and gift items.

The concept was to showcase the onyx stone for construction in the ground floor and have the sheets of stone move around the space to create the illusion of lightness - something inherent opposed to the nature of stone.

On the two top floors the smaller items are displayed on podiums of wood and aluminum - depending on the color of the stone. Warm stone on aluminum and cold stone on the wood. On the top floor; offices and 
negotiating rooms where placed.

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Status: Built
Location: Shanghai, CN
My Role: Concept, 3D model, Construction Drawings
Additional Credits: Johannes Torpe, CEO, Johannes Torpe Studios
Mikkel Bøgh, Architect & Project manager