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issue as EI noted still on default internet browser for Samsung phone. also, can we get "enter" to work when using phone? and can we choose with which moniker to "reply" with. i can only do so much with my psychic electromagnetic skills.....the following is starting to creep me out, but does anyone else "know" or "think about said person" and then check email and see you have an email from that person. not joking, and posting this under a moniker so you don't think I am too weird, but seriously I am have a ridiculously accurate prediction/awareness of when people email me without looking at phone or outlook in last few months. starting to concern me a bit. you shouldnt be able to do that.....example - i start thinking about various projects, then i just randomly think about one i have not thought about and sure enough if i check email, i receive an email from the person i link to that project. i know archinect can't help me here, but seriously has anyone else noticed this lately? or just next time you think about a project or person, check email....

Feb 17, 17 7:45 am
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Feb 17, 17 12:38 pm


Non Sequitur


pagination seems to be fixed :)

Looks fixed to me too.

Thanks Paul/Archinect


I've noticed that the UK edition of the forum doesn't have the updated interface.

Feb 18, 17 8:04 am

Archinect UK will be getting the latest updates in the coming days.


Scratch that, Archinect UK just got updated with the latest feature releases.

Anyone else using the app noticing that new posts on TC aren't showing up? Last post I'm able to see in this thread, using the app, is Non Sequitur's FEB 15, 17 5:22 PM post. 

Feb 18, 17 9:12 am

The forum in the iPhone app will be updated. Likely before that happens, however, the forum will become mobile friendly, so it will be better to just go to the forum on Safari.

Don Kashane

Also, Archinect, you never answered as to why some people's "replies" (not comments, just replies to other commments ) show up in their histories and some don't (mine have not).


Don, the reason is because the history reflects your posts based on whether you're posting with your username, or your real name from your Archinect profile. When you post a reply to a comment, the reply will be using the default that you have set in your profile settings.


It looks like you have your profile settings set to use your username when commenting, by default, but you seem to often override that setting when posting your comments by selecting your real name. If you prefer to use your real name to post, then we recommend changing your default setting in your profile settings.

Don Kashane

I don't know what you mean by "override", I only ever use "Don Kashane", which is an alias obviously, and that's all I have listed in my settings; I don't click on anything that would cause an "override", I just post. I compared other alias names, like "Everyday Intern", and his replies to comments are listed in his history (like those in this thread posted on Feb. 10, when you started this new format), as are several other alias names I checked, so I don't really understand what's different in my alias name.


Got it, we'll look into this and check out what's going on.

Don Kashane

Thanks Archinect, all fixed.


Yep, should be fixed now. It was a bug, thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Hi TC!

Feb 18, 17 10:31 pm

Hey, Barry, welcome back.

Feb 19, 17 2:13 pm

So, I don't want to *totally* laugh at this job posting, though I probably could; I'm sure it is an excellent opportunity for someone out there.

I just don't understand the desire for immortality. AT ALL. It seems like a nightmare to me, to live forever.

But I suspect many architects *do* desire immortality, and making buildings is a way to try to achieve it. But the idea of working with an architect designing a facility for *actual immortality* strikes me as a workplace full of the worst egos imaginable.  I'd rather be dead.

Feb 19, 17 3:17 pm

I think this is Andres Duany's alter-ego.


"committed to greatness" is a big sized ego


Nope... No red flags there. I'm sure he'll attract some "highly qualified" architects.

I mean the idea is kind of interesting, but seems kind of cray.


I use comments like "just stamp it" to weed out crap clients.

Feb 20, 17 10:45 am

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