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Ladies and Gentlemen, of the AIA, I give you; Brother Zee, err, Jim Belushi.

Chuck Berry dies, and we get a white actor fronted "blues" band.

AIA leaders, stay Gold. Soon, SNL will be doing parodies of you.

Mar 20, 17 4:54 pm

Wasn't it Kevin Bacon one year?


Two things; first, he's married to Kyra Sedgwick - win in my book. Second, he's closer to gen-X than Belushi. And C, he's not ripping off his brother, who stole from Muddy Waters and Ray Charles. AAAAND D, nothing says white man's overbite and boomer hellscape like the words blues and Belushi. 

If we trying to get people to come - young, healthy, non-Ensure drinking, AIA members - then how about RTJ? Young Jeezy? Yeezy? Gwen? J-lo? Ozzy?

Come on, I'd settle for MMMmmmmbop.

[more than two]

Kanye and Kim - the duets.

I'm not going to Orlando. I never want to go to Florida (unless it's directly to the Keys, where my 1st cousin runs a charter deep sea fishing boat).

However! If Alabama Shakes played the Convention, I would definitely go.

I'm not going to Orlando. I never want to go to Florida (unless it's directly to the Keys, where my 1st cousin runs a charter deep sea fishing boat).

Derp. Still don't have the threaded comments down.

Mar 20, 17 7:24 pm

What happened to being able to like an article, are we all meant to do the same via facebook/google rather than on Archinect now?

Mar 20, 17 9:49 pm

About 0.000001% of readers of an article used the like button, so we got rid of it.


so most articles receive or 1 or 1 0 million views?


Fake news, obviously. But seriously, the like button was only clicked, on average, once per 5,000 article views (0.02%). We'll leave the thumbs up to the posts on Facebook. We're still considering adding a thumbs up/like option for comments though.


There's even a Netflix series with him in it, must be doing something right.


yes, it's called marketing! must be really pissed to be passed over for the pritzker the past 2 years


Too many school threads must be scaring everyone away. :(

Mar 23, 17 12:53 pm

I was checking the forum constantly when I was applying


I'm afraid I cannot relate... I walked by the arch studios at the school I was already in and thought hey this looks like fun and applied.


Mine was "Where can I get away with the most outrageous work?"


Interesting piece:

Mar 23, 17 1:06 pm

I can't figure out how to post a Tweet here on Archinect. It comes in as gibberish every time.

Mar 25, 17 10:44 am

test not working, but there's a classic piss take of trump's lose fail over trying to screw over the one thing republicans did not fuck up for your last honest good president, is that a precident? (Hope)

Mar 25, 17 9:48 pm

I say that as a British, we have a fake prime minister also.

Mar 25, 17 9:54 pm

I remember Judith Chafee coming up in a past thread and thought this brief documentary about her was interesting:

Apparently a book is in the works.

Mar 26, 17 1:31 am

Woohoo, thanks jw468! Judith was amazing. What great news.

Mar 26, 17 10:16 am

Man that Judith did some great work... Hi TC!

Mar 27, 17 6:21 pm

sup TC....not that anyone is listening nor is feedback requested, but not writing Olaf Design Ninja anymore (he dead), abandoning the Max Headroom redesigned approach (psuedo Olaf) and most importantly not reading Chuck Palahniuk as much or Hunter S. Thompson, I am feeling mildly positive in general. stress levels down.

Mar 27, 17 6:29 pm
Non Sequitur

Oye. Cheers buddy.

@Chris, good to hear. Although some of those alter-egos will be missed...

Mar 27, 17 7:47 pm

nam, if you don't mind, send me that "translational" grant art/science stuff. switched laptops since I asked last time.

Hi Chris! Glad to see you!

Mar 27, 17 9:03 pm

Chris, how are things in Motherboard?

Mar 27, 17 9:15 pm

I guess I'm still a bit negative based on the feedback, oh man...

the world of motherboard is meeting stone and sculpture, that is where it is headed I think, feels palpable.

summary on nihilism (the alter egos):

nihilism at a meta level, ontologically and existentially, is still by far the most accurate mode of operation for assessing reality objectively.  it helps quicken deconstruction of systems, to find or be the rhizome in a Deleuzian sense.  but that is about it.  constant nihilism is like running into a wall over and over again instead of just turning left or right and walking around the wall....and seriously had to put Palahniuk down, you are what you read sometimes. (just to note - nihilism goes nowhere should be obvious)


Mar 27, 17 10:20 pm

@Chris, I remember the email but not the specific content/links. Think it was sent from my old work email in Fl. Will try to find...

As for nihilism, I am no expert but I always preferred a more Advaita Vedantic or Zen Buddhist, "neti neti" take on negation.

Night all

Mar 27, 17 11:35 pm

thank you Nam.  That project may be finally worth pursuing again as I'm abandoning nihilism beyond an investigative method, Zen is more appropriate for that project (has to do with sound and brain waves...)

Mar 28, 17 8:03 am

@Chris, can you send me an email from the address I would have sent the email to? So I can search all my accounts for emails to that address?

Morning TC.

Mar 28, 17 11:48 am

I started meditating in college and have greatly increased my ability and frequency to do so in the last 3-4 years. My blood pressure is usually downright low after it used to be a little high for a long time. It takes practice, but that stuff Nam is talking about is golden.

No more energy drinks, Chris? You mentioned you were quitting... good for you.

Mar 28, 17 12:55 pm

Bai, water, or tea. blood pressure down, like healthy now when NOT working. meditating is a good idea.




I'm on spring break in La La land. Cough cough. (Smog)

Mar 28, 17 12:58 pm

nam email sent...apparently we have limits on text for replies - on the purpose of western nihilism (my opinion) - Jim Morrison -

“A hero is someone who rebels or seems to rebel against the facts of existence and seems to conquer them. Obviously that can only work at moments. It can't be a lasting thing. That's not saying that people shouldn't keep trying to rebel against the facts of existence. Someday, who knows, we might conquer death, disease and war.”

Mar 28, 17 7:00 pm

Stepped on the scale this morning and I've lost 30 lbs since the beginning of the year. That's a plus. It's been a good week so far. Had an uplifting dinner with my mentor yesterday and Tuesday participated in Prairie Grassroots and met with my state senator (and had a photo op with the governor, but didn't vote for him). How are things out in TC land?

Mar 30, 17 10:58 am

Things good in CO. Been getting a fair bit of rain lately, but I have a day off tomorrow and hoping to get my last ski day of year in... We shall see, definitely won't be powder!

Otherwise, now that I have fully settled into the new neighborhood starting to get plugged in with the official neighborhood organization and some other groups/initiatives related to sustainability/urbanism et al... Feeling generally excited about this year.

In terms of health/weight, just earned enough points to reach gold status in our company wellness plan. Which should equal a nice rebate/discount for my health insurance. As part of that had a wellness check and compared to last year all my numbers are trending in right direction and my wellness age is closer to my actual age. Just need to get more regularly physically active. Running once a week and a biking/walking isn't strenuous enough.

Mar 30, 17 11:06 am

Found out this morning that I passed my last division of the ARE. Just need to send in my application and get registered with the state so I can do exactly the same work for no extra pay*. But at least I'll be able to mouth off to these young upstarts wanting to call themselves an architect to just go take the tests and get their license already. 


*That's a little bit of a lie. My firm does pay out a small bonus upon licensure, and I intend to negotiate my way into a bigger salary as well. But I'll still be doing the same work. The point is that they've been underpaying me for the work I do, not that by virtue of a license I deserve more.

Mar 30, 17 12:00 pm
Non Sequitur

Congrats. Guinness Tonight!


Congrats! Gonna change your name to Everyday Architect??

I'm taking #4 on Monday. These can't be over fast enough...

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