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Jan '05 - Feb '07

  • 22. Day 9 - MACBA and Raval

    MACBA in context

    We sat in this spot for a while, enjoying the great weather, watching the locals do their thing. After a bit the guy on the right sat down and rolled a joint. A few minutes after he lit up, the older tourist wandered over. He must have caught a whiff, because he became quite curious. Smokey didn't stay too long after that...

    on the map

  • 21. Day 9 - Diagonal Mar and Fòrum

    Diagonal Mar Parc by EMBTFòrum Building by HdeM exhibit inside Fòrum Building other projects on the grounds of the 2004 Universal Forum of Cultureson the mapflickr set for 11SEP2006

  • 20. Day 8 - Villa Olímpica

    housing Corbetes by Enric Miralles/Carme Pinós more housing Day 8 of our 15 day trip ended with a walk through the residential area of Villa Olímpica, originally built to house international atheletes for the '92 Olympics. text and illustrations: Riano, Quilian. 2003. Barcelona - A...

  • 19. Day 8 - Hospital del Mar and Port Olimpic

    Hospital del Mar Gehry's fish folly along the waterfront at the Olympic Port...on the map

  • 18. Day 8 - Gas Natural etc.

    EMBT - Gas Natural Headquarterson the map nearby courtyard housingon the mapGràcies!

  • 17. Day 7 - Montjuïc, el Jardí Botànic

    el Jardí Botànic de Barcelona, by Carlos Ferraterflickr set for 08SEP2006

  • 16. Day 7 - Mies, Calder, Miró and Sert

    There was a German wedding taking place when we arrived at the Pavillion, so we continued up Montjuic to the Miró Foundation...This fountain was created by Calder as a tribute to the mercury miners of Almaden [a city in Spain known for its' mercury mines]. The liquid flowing through it is...

  • 15. Day 7 - Agbar etc.

    walking from the metro to the tower... we had our morning cafe at this sectional exterior mall thing across the street, then returned to the tower. entrance to the hotel next door to the Torre Agbar...very nice lobby. 3 examples of housing near Agbar. also in the neighborhood.

  • 14. Day 6 - Raval, CCCB etc.

  • 13. Day 5 - affordable housing, Barcelona

    affordable housing near El Nou Mercat de Santa Caterina

  • Emerging Architects Conference - part 3/3

    previously:part 1/3part 2/3 ...not willing to let go of the laid-back weekend...after 2 full days of conference and associated activities, day 3 would be our relaxed exit from St. Petersburg, FL. Sunday morning view from the hotel room... ...11 am checkout, then a quick trip by the pier and...

  • Emerging Architects Conference - part 2/3

    previously: part 1/3 Unlike Friday's lunch, Saturday morning's continental breakfast did the trick. A couple bowls of fruit, a muffin, and no less than 4 cups of coffee were quickly consumed alongside some pleasant conversation with a new acquaintance (Josh, a fellow UF alumnus). Josh finished his...

  • Emerging Architects Conference - part 1/3

    This past weekend I attended the 2nd[?] annual Emerging Professionals Conference in St. Petersburg, FL. The event, hosted by AIA Florida at the Hilton Bayfront Hotel, lasted from Thursday night through Sunday afternoon. Friday morning kicked off with a couple sessions dedicated to 'green' design...

  • 05.1. Day 2 - Carl Andre / Accessibility

    picture taken at the Tate Modern, 03Sep2006 I was reading this book earlier tonight (see page 30, scanned above). soon as I read the quote regarding accessible form, I recalled taking the above picture - a child drawing Andre's Steel Zinc Plain.

  • 12. Day 5 - El nou Mercat de Santa Caterina, 2nd visit

    on our first visit to the market we arrived too late to get, a couple days later we returned, this time in the morning. the colorful roof pattern is echoed everywhere - in the goods being sold, in people's clothing, on the signage. At first glance the bold roof can be shocking, but...

  • 11. Record: overlap

    one Barcelona metro ticket one Renfe train ticket to Sitges (day return) one paper bag from La Central bookstore, located @ the MACBA

  • 10. Day 4 - Sitges

    on the train from Barcelona to Sitges As the wikipedia entry suggests, Sitges is a popular desitination for both family vacations (in July and August) and gay tourism (always). Since we were there in early September (on the cusp of the 2 seasons) we were able to witness these distinct user-groups...

  • Without Intention

    sometimes pages full of images can load slowly. this image is a fortunate[?] side-effect. Without Intention, or Unintentional

  • 09. Day 3 - El nou Mercat de Santa Caterina, + Raval

    images 1 and 2 - El nou Mercat de Santa Caterina by EMBT located in the Barri Gotic. we arrived too late to get inside. next time... so, we just sat outside for a while checking everything out. after 20 minutes or so we left and got a couple chicken empanadas. image 3 - an Aprila, a Vespa and the...

  • 08. Record: Day 2 & 3

    one airline ticket, STN-GRO, Ryanair one arrival/departure card, Girona Airport customs one bus ticket, one way from Girona Airport to Barcelona bus terminal one metro card, 10 trips, Barcelona metro one grocery receipt, Condis Supermercats, Raval previously [Barcelona]:Day 3 - city beach...

  • 07. Day 3 - city beach, Barcelona

    exit metro at Barceloneta, walk along the marina toward the beach arriving at the city beach. Barceloneta's thin blocks hit the beach at an unexpected angle. The skewed intersection creates pockets of open space along the boardwalk. This portion of the beach, nearest Barceloneta, is what I...

  • 06. Day 2 - evening arrival in Girona

    a brief walk outside, from the plane to baggage claim. Girona, Spain

  • 05. Day 2 - Tate Modern, London

    cafe from below.from St. Paul's to the Tate cafe from within

  • 04. Bullshit

    ...on the Stansted Express from the London Underground's Liverpool Street Station to the airport, 04SEP2006... So, we capped off our unplanned 30 hours in London with a visit to the Tate Modern. After spending a couple of hours in the galleries and checking out the view from the cafe, we went...

  • 03. Day 1: a late afternoon in London's Soho

  • Buckets

  • 02. Record: Day 1

    one airline ticket, JFK-LHR, stand-by on American Airlines one metro ticket, day pass, zones 1-6, London Underground one pub receipt, £11.80 for 4 pints, Blackbird @ Earl's Court one internet login ticket, 15 minutes, Hyde Park View Hostel previously:In RetrospectDay 1: Hyde Park...

  • 01. Day 1 - Hyde Park, London [Plan B]

    On the periphery of Hyde Park, an informal sidewalk gallery has been created by a row of local artists. To the left are the artists, seated in their cars, semi-consciously awaiting a potential patron. This tree lined path is a formal axis for the park, calling at various monumental works of art...

  • 00. In Retrospect

    At 11:45am on Saturday, 03 September 2006, Meredith Klein and I, Aaron Plewke, departed from Jacksonville, Florida for a fifteen day trip that would come to include: eight airports, four* airlines, four countries, nine cities, seven museums, and one police station. Over the next few weeks I will...

  • extracurricular activities

    (this represents the work of a weekend. My girlfriend and I worked together on it, and entered it into a local design competition, which was displayed at the Emerging Architect's yearly gallery show. The competition brief asked entrants to address the Southbank of the St. John's River in...

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