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    Aaron Plewke Oct 17 '06 4
    one Barcelona metro ticket
    one Renfe train ticket to Sitges (day return)
    one paper bag from La Central bookstore, located @ the MACBA


    • MADianito
      Oct 23, 06 4:00 am

      nice collage..... soviet-feeling on it

      Oct 23, 06 4:00 pm

      thanks...perhaps a coincidence that we saw 2 'Soviet' exhibits on the trip - an exhibition at CCCB on Chernobyl, and an exhibit at the Tate Modern on Soviet Propoganda posters...

      Oct 23, 06 4:56 pm

      yeah the chernobyl exhibition wasn't that interesting was it?? i dunno i didnt felt like going...

      Oct 24, 06 7:53 pm

      we liked it a lot - very eye-opening. the exhibit was very revealing, going into depth on a lot of interesting issues...if it's still up, you should check it out (before you leave Sunday!)...

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