Pag, HR


The Meads

Eastbourne / UK


This sea side villa is located in the seaside town of Eastbourne on the south coast of England. The setting is on the hillside raising from the front entrance through the building to the top rear garden and swimming pool. The solid walls on the street side create a perfect shielding of privacy. Balconies on the first and second floors together with a terrace on top of the garage provide the stunning panoramic sea views. The front of the house faces south therefore the challenge was to bring the light and the sea to the rear of the property. The rear - garden end - is designed as a glass pavilion placed by the swimming pool in the centre of the garden full of exotic plants and trees. The garden therefore pauses to reflect - the outside blends seamlessly with the inside. Transparency is not a compromise to the energy efficiency of the house. During the summer the sun barely penetrates the pavilion because of the specially designed overhanging roof and the automatic vents pick up the prevailing  sea breezes. In winter the double glazing incorporates low “e” glass which stops the transmission of heat through the glass. The heart of this villa is the open plan Kitchen - Dining - Lounge to the rear linked with Living Room to the front. All these areas look out over the outstanding natural beauty. While this has maintained the clean simple lines of the structure it also creates a tremendous feeling of light.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Eastbourne, GB
My Role: Architect