Pag, HR



Pag / Croatia


The project of this sea side holiday house is set in Košljun, an area of south-west end of the island of Pag. It is located at the bottom of the hillside overlooking the Adriatic Sea. 

The concept of the house resulted in a composition of three main elements: a solid stone walling with glass surfaces conveying the transparencies between the inside and the overgrowth of the white, pink and red oleanders outside. 

The arrangement of stone and glass surfaces results with a solid stone plinth on which is placed a transparent enclosure. Sitting gently on top, a skinny steel structure frames a central glass pavilion designed as a place to contemplate, fronted by the sun terrace, and ‘pierced’ to the side by the swimming pool.

The house rises out of the ground with glazed surfaces indicating its habitability. Its upper floor level is serviced via stairs from the inside and outside, linked via a bridge to the car port. 


The entire arrangement creates a series of private, semi-private, open and close spaces emphasizing the simplicity of living by the sea.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Pag, HR
My Role: Architect