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Chopin 2010

Warsaw / Poland


2010 marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Fyderyk Chopin. Although many events and concerts will be organized - not only in his Polish homeland but around the world - Warsaw will be the capital of celebrations throughout the year. This project was designed to commemorate one of the great Masters of romantic music; to celebrate the universality of music and to unite music lovers and enthusiasts.


The location was carefully researched and selected as it is both in the very heart of the city of Warsaw (Krakowskie Przedmiescie), and lies parallel to the street where the Chopin Family lived. It is where young Fryderyk studied at the University of Warsaw, where he played organs in the Wizytek Church and where his Polish heart rests in the Church of Sw. Krzyz. 


The proposed monument is a giant piano keyboard. It is not only ascetically pleasing but through its practicality is utilitarian and inclusive of the community irrespective of gender, age, nationality or creed. The installation pays subtle homage to Chopin through one of the greatest works he composed late in his short life. The keys F1, F2, B4, D5 #, G5 # are depressed. These are the first accords of his Barcaroli Fis-dur op.60. This detail gives the keyboard its own dynamic rhythm and will intrigue the passer-by.

As a seating installation it welcomes the passer-by, offering a place for rest, reflection and contemplation. It can be a meeting place and also more formally can be used for open air piano concerts. The keyboard therefore will become part of a performance, something uniquely close to the audience.

In the early morning, the trees behind will embrace the monument with their long shadows resting over the white marble like a blanket. The entire square and keyboard are gently lit so it will be serenely attractive not only during daylight but in the evening and also by night. The noble materials of solid blocks of pure white marble and black granite complement each other and the surrounding environment in all seasons.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Warsaw, PL
My Role: Architect