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At a certain garden of which I cannot remember the name, 

there was an announcement to all magicians of the planet Earth 

to perform the best trick ever to be seen. 

Between hundreds of entrants there was a one magician in particular 

who declared to catch the Sun. 


Everyone laughed and felt sorry for him. 


- What a fool!  What a silly idea? 


However, the performance happened and some people to this day 

are born with a birthmarks of that trick.


Thousands of people gathered to see how he is going to do it.

He stood barefoot at the centre of the garden and simply put his both hands 

to his mouth and started to blow up a kitchen sieve. 

Yes, a simple sieve like everyone uses to drain pasta at home. 


But this one was growing and growing to the enormous size 

anyone could possibly imagine. 

It was so huge, 

bigger than the garden itself, bigger than any city, 

bigger than our planet the Earth. 

Simply it was beyond believe. 


When the size of a sieve reached the maximum 

he took it to his both hands and swung it in the direction of the Sun. 


Suddenly everyone got scared and started to shiver. 


Meanwhile, a sieve with the power of the magic swing started to flow, 

leaving the Earth passed the Moon, the planet of Venus and Mercury. 


Yet, during this voyage of such a distance, a sieve seen from the garden 

was gradually becoming smaller and smaller 

and by the time when reached the Sun 

it was like a tiny dot barely visible to anyone. 


Everyone laughed once and for all.


- Not a chance!  Ridicules!



A magician, of who I cannot remember the name, 

disappeared, never to be seen again.


Despite that, a sieve landed on the surface of the Sun. 


And lucky of us with freckles know that..

* a pavilion dome of 4m radius constructed of chrome plated metal sheets painted gloss dark blue inside with cut out holes to resemble stars

* structure is braced by three pylons with supporting cables in tension to sustain stress from lateral winds and to balance the entrance tilt

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Status: Unbuilt
My Role: architect