Philadelphia, PA


Venice Innovation Island

The Master Plan was created to open the northernmost 31 acres of Venice Island and provide a public space for residents and visitors to experience the multiple waterfronts.  The concept incorporated commercial, residential, retail, and multi-modal transportation hubs into an extensive green space that created an active, open space that residents and visitors can enjoy.  Several existing buildings were maintained and renovated and multiple new buildings were added to create a cohesive fabric for development.  Traffic and circulation were improved by creating vehicular and pedestrian bridges that connect the island to the mainland and provided easy access to public transportation.  Renewable energy, research and development, and innovative technologies were key components of the design.  Waterfront trails, a man-made beach, outdoor pavilions and parks, boat docks, and an elevated pedestrian path provide green public amenities.

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Status: Built
Location: Manayunk, PA, US