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The Red Door

The Red Door is a two-floor space in New York City’s Union Square which combines express hair, nail and spa services with beauty retail on the first floor and a full services salon and spa below. The space, which opened in November of 2013 is a new partnership between the iconic Elizabeth Arden brand and The Red Door Spa. The Red Door is a modern woman’s club – a place where women want to spend time to get pampered and take care of themselves. The history of the Elizabeth Arden brand is evoked through the interior, as the space focuses on a harmony of old and new materials and programming. The design was developed to merge uptown class with downtown cool in one space, weaving comfortably into the guest’s busy and glamorous lifestyle. 

The main entrance of the space is located on 17th Street and was developed to exhibit a vintage feel. This creates the illusion that the brand has been there for decades. In addition to being a historic building, the site was selected due to the high-traffic and visible location in Union Square. The Red Door sign faces the street in bronze lettering to illuminate the experience of the spa. Throughout the space, materials can be seen that display an eclectic textural mix; modern and traditional finishes were purposely utilized. In the center of the space is a glossy red elevator shaft that is a representation of the iconic Elizabeth Arden logo: The Red Door. Additionally, the space also features encaustic tile, Renolit, marble, porcelain “wood plank floors”, brass & high performance fabrics mixed with traditional upholstery.

The upper floor of the space features express services and design statements are developed throughout the space to highlight this. The first floor is about 2,500 square feet, and sleek furnishings of cool materials such as white marble countertops are found around the space. Additionally, the firm reinstated classical capitals, crown molding columns and a coffered ceiling. The floor, which resembles a carpet is actually made of decorative encaustic concrete tile and compliments the oversized white chandelier in the center of the floor above the makeup station.

The 7,500 square foot lower floor greets guests through a translucent paned glass reception, referencing American bay windows. The lower floor is home to more time-consuming services such as haircuts, manicures/pedicures, waxing and facials. A tasteful product display case is integrated into the second floor reception lounge.

In addition to the service room are men’s and women’s locker rooms, a salt cave and a café. Each of the fourteen treatment rooms on the lower floor features red faux leather and brass studded doors – further continuing the iconic brand name. Rooms feature molded porcelain tile wainscoting, Xorel fabrics on the walls, gray paneled lacquer millwork and recessed lighting with sconces and traditional lampshades.

The space is purposely designed to establish Elizabeth Arden and The Red Door as a leading brand for the modern individual, and it aims to push the classic American brand into the next century.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, New York