suha samara

suha samara

New York, NY, US


Plaza Residential Tower

Plaza Residential is a developer’s high end condominium tower overlooking the Potomic River. It is 22-storey high with a 3 storey base. First two basement levels, 42000 sqft each, are parking garages and the third level is parking + 13000 sqft retail. The ground level includes 3 condos, guest house and all amenities. 2nd to 22nd  floors contain 8 condos per floor, where each condo is 1500-2000 sqft and has its private elevator. The total tower foot print is 16000 sqft approximately 
It is the only high rise building in the area. The materials were chosen carefully to blend with its surroundings in order to ease the out-of-scale existence of the building. Two types of bricks are used as the main building materials; their colors are similar to  the  surrounding buildings. Metal is used only on the top levels to give the building an interesting non-traditional look without further emphasizing its existence. Two metal strips run along the East and West sides of the  building  and  merge  with  the  upper  floors,  thus reading the same language. Metal channels were added at the retail and ground levels, tying the base with the tower.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: virginia, us
My Role: part of design team and executed all required drawing sets including CDs