suha samara

suha samara

New York, NY, US


Fire Rescue Training Facility

Fire Rescue Training Facility is a large site consisting of a clean and a dirty zone. Clean zone has the administration and classroom building and is open for public access. Dirty zone is isolated at the top of the hill with a security gate for access by fire rescue trainees only and it consists of a burn building, tower, observation platform, pavilions, training fields, and the apparatus bay building. 

Entrance to the site is linear to the lobby of the administration building where glimpses of the memorial area at the lake are viewed which symbolizes the essentiality of water to fire fighters. Statues are floating in the water and pedestrian access is provided around the memorial. The parking is hidden from the main street by trees and landscaping, thus forming a vista. Water continues its path through the glass lobby into the front circle providing harmony and continuity with the main entrance and strengthening the linearity of the site. 

The administration is situated on the second floor overlooking the memorial and allowing more surveillance and privacy for employees. Apparatus bay is the introductory point to Dirty zone with a bridge extending from the second floor terrace to the dirty zone. Classrooms occupy the second floor enabling students to have direct access to their training area via the bridge. The cylinder is a double volume lobby leading to the administration or the apparatus bay and classrooms. Since the lobby is the focal point distributing the users to other parts of the building, it was emphasized by the dominating cylinder. The classrooms are the second main space and the administration is relatively secondary, thus less dominant.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Palm Beach, FL, US
My Role: Design and 3D modelling