Miroslav Strigac

Miroslav Strigac

Stuttgart, DE


Philips Lighting - Atria

› The new headquarters of PHILIPS LIGHTING will be a part of the business and research campus in Eindhoven, NL. Building 48 is a two storey facility with two open and one closed atria. The central closed atria plays a vital role as an important communication, relaxation and showcase spot. While being the main concentration area for visitors and employees alike, the space is to facilitate an exceptional atmosphere of natural/artificial light and visual stimulation - a Forest of Light.

› The structure of the roof is based on a seemingly complex repetitive Penrose Pattern generated based upon the input geometry of the roof. The mathematical repetition ensures a continuity of the tree like structure, while maintaining a possibility of variable structure density. This will play an important role in the future manufacturing cost vs. space light quality ratio.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Eindhoven, NL
Additional Credits: @LAVA