Miroslav Strigac

Miroslav Strigac

Stuttgart, DE


[myo]Tension Bridge

Redesign of the Old Bridge in Bratislava is aiming for a completely futuristic idea of an adaptive structure. It seeks to build on the qualities if the historic Old Bridge, like the low setting, uncomplicated passage to the opposite shore, clarity of the overall design and steel structure.The proposal, however, also takes into account the issue of insufficient bridge height over the Danube and removal of the  supporting pillars as they present an obstacle for the traffic fluency on the river.

The Idea is from the start based on emerging possibilities in materialization, structural and computational design, rather  than seeking utilitarian or too archetypal solutions so predominant in contemporary architectural design. The intention is therefore to create a vision for the future where architecture is adaptable, self energy sufficient, economically feasible, with as low environmental footprint as possible.

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Status: School Project
Location: Bratislava, SK
Additional Credits: @FLOW