Miroslav Strigac

Miroslav Strigac

Stuttgart, DE


King AbdulAziz City for Science and Technology /KACST/

The project site of KACST is located in the north western Riyadh metropolitan area, in the vicinity of KSU.

The KACST Knowledge Campus is a network of spaces which help in know-how exchange. The Plaza and Boulevard connect the people in their daily routine of walking from a carpark to their respective research facilities, bringing together researchers from various fields to interact and communicate with each other.

Energy reduction forms a key part of any environmental strategy and this comes through careful consideration of massing, shading, environmental façade design and natural cooling strategy present in any environmentally responsive development.

The presence of different institutes within the same building has been featured as one of the Master-plan principles in order to create a very flexible programmatic solutions. With the institutional needs changing into the future , the modular build up system ensures to provide an easy way to adjust, switch or move any lab/office module in order to satisfy the next generation research facility.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Riyadh, SA
Additional Credits: @LAVA