Sohee Moon

Sohee Moon

Brooklyn, NY, US


Bronx Post Office

Client: Young Woo & Associates


As the apex of a resurgent neighborhood, the Historic Bronx Post Office is setting an example of community development.  With a mixture of new commercial program, the Bronx Post Office emphasis access to the surrounding community, once isolated streetscape.  An open marketplace with space allotted for retail, markets and dinning areas serves a fluid transition between street traffic and the landmark interior.  The sightlines are emphasized through these new entrances through the massive historic arched windows to help promote transparency from the exterior.  The design team has created a design that promotes accessible commercial growth, flexible office space throughout the building, and increased amenities for the surrounding community, an area noticeably lacking in these regards.  A contemporary rooftop addition captures views of the surrounding city, and is accessible through a series of planned ramps and walkways that provide improved circulation and cuts through the center of the post office on four floors with a skylight filtering light through the center of the building.  Programming for the space includes a large range of tenant accommodations, with a emphasis on allowing the sub-division into smaller flexible office spaces.  With adaptable interior spaces to compliment the exterior marketplace themes of transparency.  

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Bronx, NY, US
My Role: Project Manager
Additional Credits: Studio V Architecture