Shantal Chahin

Shantal Chahin

New York, NY, US



How can design promise green, sustainable measures while bringing back the surrounding habitat that once existed without diminishing current lifestyles? Within the design of highrise towers, an implementation of closed loop systems must be demanded. A 40ft green wall greets the residents while two 4 story gardens provide the residents and the surrounding community with fresh produce. 

Throughout the site a weaving of several distinct conditions occur, creating a dynamic and intense region. A focus on the sites pedestrian and vehicular circulation took place at three distinct time frames in order to capture the sense of the daily routine of the neighborhood. 

As dynamics between separate conditions emerge within the site, a synergy of separate concepts join in order to propose a complete schematic of an ideal tower. The lower residential apartments would be composed following the town-house schematic, where two levels compromise the whole apartment but function in an entirely different manner. The floor below would be specifically designed for small business ventures, studios or any public space. 

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US