Shantal Chahin

Shantal Chahin

New York, NY, US


SE DIFERENTE: When Time Lapse Dance Encounters Wax

A space inspired by dance, The Village Green Dance Pavillion is an audible, transformative space. One that both compliments and encourages curiosity and a re-examination of the condition between the viewer and the viewed. The form is contrived from a melded combination of a wooden structure and a translucent wax-like material.

The key aim of the project was to produce an engaging dance pavilion that would interact with the surrounding community while providing a performance available for everyone. As the spectator crosses the park, the viewer is allured into the play between the exterior and interior of the pavilion. The dramatic vital transformation of the stalled space into this enticing and interactive pavilion could bring energy to the site, better suited among its present active surroundings. 

With the search for a new paradigm, material studies were realized by undergoing the process of thinning and thickening. Materials such as coconuts, wax, ink, plaster, rubber bands, wire mesh and sheet metal underwent extensive amounts of play by molding and transforming their familiar characteristics. 

The buildings design draws inspiration from the perpetual, translucent, mesmerizing thin fabric and light spectacles preformed by TLD Time Lapse Dance, a company founded by Jody Sperling in 2000. A massing study was then conceived by analyzing a 10 minute segment of one of the dancers shoulder and hip movements throughout one of their choreographies. The negative space left behind as the dancer moved through space could then be carefully calculated and later on used as a source of great inspiration within the complex and extensive design process.

As the site sits right in the middle of a break within the Manhattan grid, the proposal centralizes in creating a smooth transition between them. The plan evokes a sense of being in a new environment as the surrounding forest greets and guides the viewers towards the Dance Pavilion. 

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US