Shantal Chahin

Shantal Chahin

New York, NY, US


DARE TO BE: When Plaster Molds into Brick.

The perfect blend is created when the conditions of two divergent materials such as brick and plaster are tested and pushed towards new definitions. As new standards develop, the synthesis of these materials allow for new possibilities.

The emphasis of this project is directed towards an examination of the alteration of programs instilled within a particular material. For instance, the brick can be normally conceived as a solid, strong, rough and rectilinear material. While the plaster is normally depicted as a soft, continuous, curvaceous, cold surface. What happens when these characteristics are swapped? 

By changing the manner in which the brick is normally placed, altering the bricks angle as they progress along the wall, voids can be created to provide light within the inner space. The plaster can lend its cooling surface as it provides stability and order to the space. 

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US